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    Jasmine Fragrance Oil to Improve Your Health

    Jasmine Fragrance Oil is famous for its unique properties, such as antiseptic, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, cicatrisant, antispasmodic, galactagogue, expectorant, parturient, emmenagogue, uterine substance and sedative. We use Jasmine flowers to extract jasmine fragrance oil. This flower is famous for its sweet fragrance and these flowers bloom in the night. Jasmin fragrance oil is good to deal with stress, reduce anxiety, increase alertness, enhance your mood and make your skin healthy. The Jasmine fragrance oils help you to improve the libidos of both men and women. It will be good to diffuse a few drops of concentrated jasmine oil in a sweet oil or jojoba oil to treat the symptoms of depression and soothe your nerves. Inhale the scent of jasmine after mixing it with massage oil.

    Increase Arousal

    As compared to placebo, jasmine oil can increase physical signs of arousal, such as body temperature, breathing rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Jasmine oils can enhance your mood and reduce stress in your life.

    Improve Immunity

    Jasmine fragrance oils can fight with viruses and harmful bacteria. These oils are good to clear mucus in the nasal passage and respiratory passage. You can apply it on your skin to reduce pain, inflammation, pain and speed up the healing process for your wounds. Make your body and mind smooth with the help of amazing smell of jasmine.

    Natural Deodorant

    Commercial Deodorants are filled with chemicals and these can be harmful to your skin. Jasmine Fragrance Perfume will be safe for your skin and you can get rid of various skin related problems. The sweet fragrance of jasmine will keep your mind relaxed and free from tensions. The use of these deodorants will be good for your mind and the immune system. It is a relaxing and an antispasmodic essential oil with mood-lifting properties.

    Soothing Blend

    • 3 drops Bergamot
    • 1 drop Ylang Ylang
    • 1 drop Jasmine

    Add this blend to your bath water and take a bath with it to gradually reduce your anger.

    How to use Jasmine Fragrance Oil for Soap Making

    Our jasmine fragrance oils are used in the preparation of candles, bath products, such as soaps and perfumes.

    Liquid Soap Recipe

    • 5 oz olive oil
    • 6 oz distilled water
    • 7 oz coconut oil
    • 5 oz distilled or filtered water
    • 5 oz potassium hydroxide
    • 40 oz distilled water
    • 3 oz borax
    • Jasmine Fragrance oil
    • Color


    Measure the olive and coconut oil and keep them in the slow cooker. Set the cooker on the low setting. Take a quart jar and weight water in it. Slowly include an accurate quantity of potassium hydroxide and stir with a stick. There would be a sound for some reaction.

    The potassium hydroxide solution will appear clear and you may add water mixture to the oils. There is no need to worry about the temperature. Carefully mix it for five minutes so that the oils and potassium may make a perfect blend. After five minutes, use a stick blender to mix and wait for 30 minutes to get a trace. At the trace stage, the mixture will be thick like pudding.

    Cook it in the slow cooker for 30 minutes with a lid on and check after 30 minutes if the mixture is separated. You need to check after every 30 minutes while cooking for 3 to 4 hours. Let this mixture cool and then add in a spray bottle.

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