Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure


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    Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure

    Lavender Essential Oil for Therapeutic Uses

    Lavender Essential Oil is famous for its therapeutic uses because it can heal various burns and wounds. Its use can improve your sleep, restore complexion of your skin, reduce acne, slow down aging process with its powerful antioxidants, alleviate headaches and improve psoriasis and eczema. Our oil can reduce your tension and calm anxiety with its therapeutical properties. You can use Lavender Oil in a diffuser or pour a few drops in your skin care products. A warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil and direct massage on your body will be helpful for you to enjoy the great benefits of lavender essential oil. We directly buy Lavender Flowers from farmers to extract lavender oil.

    Heal Cuts and Burns

    Lavender is famous for its antimicrobial properties because it can be used to prevent fungal and bacterial disorders and various infections. To enhance the antimicrobial ability of lavender essential oil, make a blend with equal quantities of cinnamon, clove, lavender and tea tree oil.

    Calming Affects

    Lavender essential oil is a mild and relaxing oil perfect for almost every gender and age. Some essential oils, such as tea tree oil, German chamomile oil, rose geranium oil, lavender oil, sandalwood oil and tea tree oil can be used in the concentrated form. If you are using these oils for a baby, it is important to dilute these oils too.

    It is a universal oil famous for its light, sweet and fresh floral scent to relieve stress. It has relaxing and balancing effects to relieve the pain of joints and muscles. It can be used as an antiseptic to treat slight cuts, bug nibbles, stings, and burns.

    Skin Health and Recovery

    Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of lavender oil will help you to get a healthy skin and recover the beauty of already damaged skin. You can mix a few drops of lavender oil with coconut or aloe vera oil. You will add ten drops of lavender oil in one ounce of coconut or aloe vera oil. It is good to heal your skin, minor cuts, dry skin and scraps.

    Immune System

    Add lavender oil in a diffuser to soothe your mind and get rid of headaches and migraine. It is a healthy alternative to unhealthy medications. Lavender essential oil plays an important role to increase the strength of your immune system. You can take a warm bath and add a few drops of this oil in your bath water or add in a diffuser to improve the atmosphere of your house.

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