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    Lemongrass Essential Oil Extracted for Therapeutic Uses

    Lemongrass essential oils are used for medical and religious purposes. Our essential oils are designed for massage, relaxation, skin care and used as a mood booster. To create an uplifting, romantic, desirable and relaxing experience, diffuse lemongrass essential oil in a diffuser or electric nebulizer.  Our lemongrass essential oils are used to make lotion, soap, shampoo, etc. Lemongrass essential oil is really beneficial for your health because of its antibacterial and other health properties. Essential oil is extracted via steam distillation of lemongrass and you can enjoy the fresh smell of lemon.

    Use as Analgesic

    Our lemongrass essential oil can be a great replacement of a traditional painkiller. If you want to relieve inflammation and pain, you can use lemongrass essential oil. This oil has 100 percent therapeutic qualities to relieve pain in the joints and muscles, headaches, and toothaches resulting from fever, poxes, cough, and cold. It is useful to relieve body pain caused by athletics and strenuous activities.

    Use as Antidepressant

    Lemongrass essential oil can boost your self-esteem, hope, confidence and mental stress. If you are feeling depressed and want to uplift your spirit and mood, diffuse lemongrass essential oil in your room. Lemongrass Spa session will be really helpful to relieve anxiety, depression due to failure in career, personal fights, loneliness, the death of a family member and stagnation. Lemongrass is useful to systematically administer to patients suffering from acute depression.

    Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

    Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of lemongrass essential oil make it an ideal choice to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes in your body.


    Lemongrass essential oil can be used as an antipyretic agent to bring high fevers down. It is similar to febrifuge, but effective for high fevers. You can add 1 to 2 drops of lemongrass essential oil in your bath water or diffuse this oil to improve your health.


    Due to the antiseptic properties of lemongrass essential oil, you can use it for the treatment of internal and external wounds. Lemongrass oil is an essential ingredient of antiseptic creams and lotions. Antiseptic properties of lemongrass oil will protect your internal and external wounds and don’t let your cuts become septic.


    You can use it as an astringent because it will help you to stop the flow of blood by tightening of blood vessels. You can use astringent for someone bleeding profusely to speed up the clotting process and save his/her life. The use of lemongrass essential oil promotes the contraction of muscles, hair follicles, gums, blood vessels and skin to prevent falling out of your teeth and hair.


    Lemongrass essential oil is better than various synthetic deodorants and you can use without any impact on the environment. Synthetic deodorant can cause allergies to your skin, but lemongrass essential oil is free of allergic reactions. Moreover, you can use it as fungicidal to cure fungal infections.

    Mosquito Repellent

    Our lemongrass essential oil can be used as a natural mosquito repellent. Combination of lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil and citronella oil (one drop each) with one teaspoon coconut oil will help you to make a natural spray for bugs. You can rub it on your external skin and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

    Arthritis Relief

    To get arthritis relief, you can mix two drops of lemongrass, cypress and wintergreen in a fragrance-free lotion. Carefully massage your affected area and get rid of arthritis.

    Pain Relief

    Powerful anti-inflammatory properties of lemongrass will help you to reduce inflammation. Prepare a mixture of one teaspoon almond oil or jojoba oil and 2 drops of our special lemongrass essential oil. You can massage it on topical skin to get rid of pain and inflammation.

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