Rose Fragrance Oil


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    Rose Fragrance Oil

    Rose Fragrance Oil is famous for its properties because it can be used as an antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, hepatic, uterine, stomachic, etc. The rose essential oil works well to alleviate stress, mental tension, depression, nervous ailments and various other problems. If you want to get rid of anger and mental stress, then use rose oil to manage this situation. If you want to boost your confidence, then you should focus on your personal improvement. Rose fragrance oil is ideal for mental fatigue, emotional balance, stress and mental fatigue.

    Uplift Mood and Reduce Inflammation

    It is highly versatile oil with lots of benefits, but it can be quite expensive as compared to others. Almost, 60,000 roses are required to extract one ounce of the rose oil. It is an excellent essential oil to relieve stress and depression. It is also useful to treat the symptoms of menopause and eczema. Rose Fragrance Perfume is traditionally used to uplift your mood. Rose is excellent for its soothing and cooling properties. Rose fragrance oil can be applied on your skin to produce a relaxation response.

    Soothing Blend

    • 1 drop Rose
    • 3 drops Orange
    • 1 drop Vetiver

    Mix all these essential oils and pour it in the water before taking a bath. It will help you to reduce anger.

    Rose Fragrance Air Freshener

    To make your own natural rose fragrance air freshener, you can use rose fragrance oil and use it in a diffuser. It will make your environment light and relaxing. Topical application of rose oil can be useful to treat menstrual cramps. You can make a blend of one drop of rose oil and two drops of lavender. This can be applied to your abdomen for massage. You can use rose oil to make candles, soap, perfume, etc. Use of this oil in an oil diffuser or burner will help you to reduce stress around you and make your air clean by killing harmful bacteria.

    Recipe for Natural Soap with Fragrance of Rose

    • Coconut Oil, 225 grams
    • Shea Butter, 225 grams
    • Distilled Water 342grams
    • Olive Oil, 360 grams
    • Silk Peptide 18 grams
    • Castor Oil 90 grams
    • Lye 123.75 grams


    • Olive Oil, 4 Tablespoons
    • Kaolin Clay, 2 tablespoons
    • White soap 1/2 teaspoon (color)
    • Orange soap 1/2 teaspoon (color)
    • Yellow soap color 1/2 teaspoon
    • Dark pink soap color 1/2 teaspoon
    • Fragrance oil


    Take four containers and distribute olive oil into these containers. Add ½ teaspoon of clay and each colorant. Mix these colors well with a spoon to get a smooth mixture. Now measure the ingredients and pour into the soaping bowl. Add lye in the water and mix the silk powder in the hot lye water. Let it completely dissolved and then add the lye water to the hard oils. Gently melt the oils and mix in the soap base, then mix with a stick. You need to add scent and essential oil in the soap and mix for a while. Divide the soap in the color containers and mix them well.

    Pour the mixture of all the bottles into the mold, insulate to let it set for 24 to 48 hours. After this particular time, you can unmold the soap and cut it. Keep it in the cookie rack and it is good to use for almost 4 weeks.

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